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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Should I turn the gas off during SAV installation?
2. How do I reset the SAV valve?
3. How do I tell if the valve is closed or open?
4. Will the SAV valves trip or false from lawnmower or trucks?
5. How can I tell if the valve is installed properly?/
6. I am not able to reset the SAV.
7. How can I get more information about the SAV's?
8. Do you make any other type of valves?
9. Do you have Spanish versions of your literature?



1. Yes, you must turn off the natural gas supply...then reset the shut off valve.

2. First and foremost, turn off natural gas supply. We have specific instructions on this site, use this link.

3. Looking at the top of the valve, look through the status window, you will see either red or green, red is closed, green is open.

4. No, if the valve is installed properly, level and secured with a stabilizer bracket (UnitStrut or equivalent 6" from valve) it will not false. Please see the installation instructions for additional information.

5. The valve is installed properly if:

  • Using the level chain on valve body, confirm the valve is level.

  • Confirm that bracket and bracing are in place and secure.

  • Check that the valve is pointed in the correct direction using the flow direction arrow on the outside of the valve body.

6. Check to see if level. If the valve is level and still is not resetting, call us at PSP or your installer.

7. We have posted most brochures and specification sheets on-line, use this link for a list of pdf files.

8. We currently make seismically actuated gas shut off valves in vertical as well as horizontal configurations, actuators, 3-way valves, electrical switch and a remote actuator, please see our specials section for additional information.

9. We are currently translating our main brochures, instruction sheets and technical specifications into Spanish. See our publications and literature section for the latest.